The Azerbaijani delegation met with the Queen of Great Britain.

Karabakh Horses under the presentation of the "Cavalry" horsemen group of the State Border Service has performed a spectacular show at the “Royal Windsor Horse Show”  event held on the eve of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London with the joint support of Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic (ARAF), The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS).


As part of the show "Sarhadchi" dance group consisting 24 members, "Natig Rhythm Group", artists and two fire-jugglers also represented our country on the square.


The Royal Windsor Horse Show celebrates its 75th jubilee this year. Special program by the name of "Land of Fire - Azerbaijan" was met with great interest by audience. Since the first participation of Azerbaijan in this event, the whole world admired Karabakh Horse, one of the symbols of bravery and beauty of our Homeland.

Windsor castle was first acquainted with Karabakh Horse "Zaman" in 1956. That year the Karabakh Horse, which was  presented to Queen II Elizabeth, introduced the ancient horse-breeding culture of Azerbaijan to Great Britain for the first time .

In the composition "Land of Fire - Azerbaijan" which impressed all spectators, 20 cavalries of Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic, who performed incredible and spectacular actions on the Karabakh Horses under the direction of coach Azar Hamzayev, choreographer, "Sarhadchi" dance ensemble led by Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Naila Mammadzade,  the group spitting fire and two young artists participated under the marvelous accompaniment of the “Natig Rhythm Group” led by Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Natig Shirinov in the composition. Project director of this show, which lasted 12 minutes is Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Nijat Kazimov.

On 12 May 2018, the delegation of Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan has met with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and presented a bronze statue of Karabakh Horse, as well as the Karabakh carpet of Azerbaijan as an official gift on behalf of the Azerbaijani delegation.